How to Find a Same-Day Courier

How to Find a Same-Day Courier

How to Find a Same-Day Courier

Shipping companies are a godsend to businesses requiring fast and safe delivery of their products. While they’re undeniably flexible, some things are way beyond their capabilities. You can’t always rely on traditional couriers when your parcels must be delivered within hours

This is where a same-day courier becomes your only remaining option. A same-day courier should be your go-to solution if your business can’t afford to miss deadlines. For example, if you’re shipping medical supplies or dealing with time-sensitive documents, there’s no room for next-day delivery as it could be too late. The last thing you need is for your clientele to be disappointed in you.

History of the Same-Day Courier Concept

It may be surprising to most people, but delivering messages on the same day has been around since 400 B.C. The Persians created the “Royal Road” to send messages, especially decrees and instructions, to their soldiers in faraway regions. The couriers who travelled were called “angaros,” derived from the institution created for this very purpose, called “Angarium.”

In a more modern take, same-day deliveries have been in existence as a convenient way to get packages and documents from one point to the other within a day since the 1950s. It’s typically used for items that must be delivered urgently and offer faster shipping than regular courier services.

The caveat of using a same-day courier in its earlier days was that it came at a higher price. It all depends on where you’re sending the package to and from and the size of the item you’re shipping, but it may be worth the additional cost for time-sensitive orders. That’s how the proposition soon became an essential service for businesses. Nonetheless, people started embracing the same-day courier concept because of the atypical convenience of regular deliveries.

Finding a Reputable Same-Day Courier

Now, given that you need same-day delivery, how do you find the right courier? Be reminded that not all courier companies are capable of same-day delivery. Some companies will tell you they can, yet they can’t pull it off. It’s unfortunate to see a common practice in this industry for couriers to claim they can deliver on the same day as part of their service to customers, but in reality, they never intended to. The customer has no choice but to wait since the item or package was already forwarded to the people on the ground.

So, finding one isn’t as easy as it sounds. But you’re guaranteed to end up with the right one if you know how (and where) to look. Here’s how:

1 – Start with research and lots of it. You can search for same-day couriers online and find out which companies offer this service. Take your time to compare their different services, prices, capabilities, delivery times, and even customer reviews. In BC, you can find a list of same-day couriers on Better Business Bureau. Mostly, these couriers also have business websites and chat agents or customer service reps to which you can talk directly.

2 – Know your needs and determine whether the courier offers them. Find out what type of goods they will transport, i.e., food items, medical supplies, or hazardous materials. See if their same-day services include additional features like door-to-door delivery, real-time tracking, and temperature control for delicate packages.

3 – Figure out where the courier is headquartered. You may find this irrelevant, yet it’s essential. If they’re based locally, you can save on delivery costs. Moreover, a local courier will understand the area better and know traffic patterns like the back of their hand; this will reduce delays that might occur en route to your destination.

4 – Learn about their safety and insurance policies. A great same-day courier will insure your goods when they’re in transit. Don’t forget to inquire how secure their transportation methods are. Some companies use specialized vehicles insured for emergencies, while others may only use ordinary cars with no added security features.
Once you find at least three couriers you feel comfortable with, contact them and prepare questions to help you decide.

Same-Day Courier Rates

Your budget bears a lot of weight, so comparing rates should be your priority. Ask for a quotation that includes the cost of delivery and any extra charges you may incur depending on the size of your package or its destination.


Find out how flexible their services are. Let’s say you need to deliver documents from one city to another in a few hours; can they do it? What about rush orders and processing times? How soon can they get your package to its destination?


Ask every prospect on your list about how long they’ve been in the same-day delivery business. A company that’s been around for a while has likely faced various circumstances and knows what strategies to implement when things go awry.

Be very specific with this question. For instance, some couriers may have been in the business for over a decade but never offered same-day delivery services. You have the right as a potential customer to dig deep.

The bottom line is to trust your gut. If you feel that one courier meets your requirements, go for it. Don’t forget to read customer feedback and reviews. Most of the time, first-hand experience is the best way to know what’s in store with a particular courier, and you can get that from a satisfied or disgruntled customer.

A.C.E Courier service has over 50 years of experience in the industry so you can feel confident that your package will arrive on time and safely. Whether you just need to get something across town or across the world, we can help. We offer same-delivery so contact us for specific rates.

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