Our same-day shipping service is designed to offer maximum convenience and flexibility, allowing you to send urgent shipments with confidence and ease. You can trust that your package will be picked up and delivered quickly and efficiently.


Our dedicated transportation and logistics solutions allow you to focus on your core business. Our logistics experts will evaluate your shipping needs and design the most cost-effective routing and logistics management program to get your product delivered to your customers.


Through years of experience, Ace Courier Services has developed industry-specific transportation and logistics solutions. Have a unique shipping need? Require logistics services support? Ace Courier Services offers a variety of support services for all types of specialized delivery and logistical needs.


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“Ace Courier is an amazing group of humans who provide equally amazing services. They are an integral partner of our Animal Food Bank providing dependable service in the movement and transportation of pet food throughout BC to our partner organizations. Their commitment to community is unmatched. We love them!”

Nicole Frey
Founder, Animal Food Bank Foundation - Animal Food Bank
For the past three years, ACE Courier has been a key courier for Interior Health.

“The dependability of their services and staff has been an integral part of our logistics planning. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days week with service that is second to none. Transporting supplies throughout the interior, through all types of conditions, ACE Courier is always willing to step up.

Their dependable, communication and flexibility has assisted us in providing health-care services to all those within our region.”

Jodi Fayant, CMDRT
Interior Health
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You will find answers to the most common questions we hear at Ace Courier! Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you have, even if they are covered here in this section of the website!

Each branch runs on a slightly different set of hours. For a complete list of each branches hours please contact your location branch for details.

This depends on how far you plan on sending it. Most out of town destinations are 1 or 2 business days. Please contact your local branch to find out more information on shipment details.

Under any normal circumstances of course! But, be aware that in the event that the receiver refuses to pay the charges you may be held accountable

Yes, by contacting your local branch and submitting an application you can have a billing account setup. There are many advantages to doing this! – Contact us to email you a copy
Sign up for our shipping portal by contact your branch or email to quotes@acecourier.ca

Effective July 8 2024, our Fuel Surcharge rates are 32.7% for British Columbia and 27.3% for Alberta.


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