Why a Local Courier is Better than Canada Post

Why a Local Courier is Better than Canada Post

Why a Local Courier is Better than Canada Post

Courier services were born out of the need to offer faster and more reliable delivery options. In the earliest days of long-distance mail, couriers were the only way to get documents and packages from one place to another quickly. But things changed when governments started commissioning postal services like Canada Post. The idea was to give people a cheaper, state-sponsored alternative for mailing and delivering items.

The Differences Between a Local Courier and a Postal Service/Operator

Local couriers are often described as “express” deliveries. This is because they usually guarantee delivery on the same day or within a few hours, depending on the size and weight of your package. While postal operators are known for their reliability due to an extensive network of offices, they usually cannot guarantee same-day delivery and are limited to certain size restrictions.

To determine the differences between local couriers and postal services, let’s dig into three pertinent factors: price, operations, and service quality.

Price: Local couriers usually cost more than postal services but this is because their services are typically faster and offer more personalized delivery options. For example, if you need your package to arrive before noon on a certain day, you can request it from the local courier and pay extra for that service.

Postal services, however, are not as flexible with their delivery schedules and do not often offer speedier delivery options without significantly higher prices.

Operations: Local couriers typically have smaller operations than postal services, meaning they can be more agile and responsive in responding to customer needs. For instance, if you need a package delivered within the same day or hour, most local couriers will have no problem accommodating that request.
Postal services often require customers to plan at least one or two days before their packages can be sent.

Service Quality: Because of their smaller operations, local couriers are often more reliable and can provide better service. They are also typically more knowledgeable about the area they serve than postal services and can offer a wider range of delivery options. This allows customers to customize their deliveries according to their needs.
Postal services, while reliable, may not be as knowledgeable about local conditions and may lack the flexibility to offer the same level of delivery options that a local courier can.

Local Couriers versus Canada Post

Originally known as Royal Mail Canada, Canada Post was founded over 150 years ago. As Canada’s primary postal service, Canada Post has a comprehensive network of offices and delivery methods that make it ideal for sending large packages or documents. However, local couriers provide an alternative option when speed and reliability are necessary.

Local couriers typically offer same-day deliveries with fewer restrictions than Canada Post. They are also more knowledgeable about the area they serve, allowing them to offer personalized services that cater to the needs of their customers.

Case in point: if you live in an area not served by Canada Post, you will likely need to turn to a local courier to deliver your package or document.

Be reminded that some local Canadian couriers were established to address the service gap created by the absence of Canada Post in certain areas. That’s why it is often the better choice for customers looking for reliable and fast delivery services in far-flung locations.

Type of Item Dictates Your Choice of a Delivery Service

When deciding between a local courier and Canada Post, the type of item you are sending will be the deciding factor. Certain items require same-day or next-day delivery, i.e., medical specimens, important documents, and time-sensitive packages. In these cases, local couriers are often your best option because they can guarantee fast and reliable delivery.

On the other hand, Canada Post provides more economical solutions for non-time-sensitive packages and items that can be delivered over a few days. Postal services are more reliable than local couriers in these situations because they offer discounts, free delivery to specific addresses, and other services.

How About Same-Day Shipping?

Same-day shipping can be complicated, and it is best to go with a trusted service provider who understands customs regulations and international delivery requirements.
Canada Post offers services for same-day shipping, but local couriers are often the better choice if speed and reliability are a priority. Local couriers typically have more experience in dealing with foreign customs agencies, which can make the process smoother.

In the courier industry, local usually means a smaller team than Canada Post’s 70,000 employees. A local courier is generally focused more on customer service and the type of services they excel at. Many local couriers offer global services that can be tailored to the needs of their customers, so it pays to do your research and find a reliable local courier for your international delivery needs.

Canada Post’s same-day shipping reliable and cost-effective, making it a great choice for non-time-sensitive packages. But if there’s one gripe customers have about the postal service, packages can take weeks to arrive. So, you’ve got to have a ton of patience if you’re dealing with Canada Post for international shipping.


Most people look for urgency when sending packages and documents, so local couriers are a way better option than Canada Post. But that’s not the only advantage you’re getting. Local couriers are more knowledgeable about the locality, and should you choose it, you may avail of a more personalized service.

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